Zen Buddhism has a concept known as ‘beginner’s mind’, means one must approach the world like a newborn child, without any ‘knowledge’, ‘theories’, or ‘ideas’ and certainly without any ‘pre-conceived notions’.

Photography is a tool that helps me to look at the world with a child’s eyes. With camera in hand everything is a wonder, every person a model, every corner is an opportunity to explore. Photography helps me to jump in a time machine. Taking photos was an intimate way to document memories of my loved ones, experiences, friends, and life. Photography is a gateway to enjoying the richness and beauty of the world. It’s an excuse for me to take myself off to explore, to examine and to dwell in places I find breathtaking; it’s a licence to talk to strangers and photograph everything that’s unique and beautiful about them. I love photography, it’s a wonderful gift to experience life in a deeper and richer way.

I am a 65 year old male, married and live in Patna (Bihar). India.

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